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Colourful Wallpaper Designs to Revitalize Your Interiors

Refresh your home with vibrant wallpaper that expresses your lifestyle choices. Colourful designs add depth and make rooms appear striking.

These wallpaper design ideas will help you transform your home with wallpaper that adds energy and calm at once, whether that means an ombre sky ceiling design or relaxing sea blue wallpaper in the living room or your play room where you slot games online on

Large Patterns

Wallpaper’s beauty lies in its ability to make an eye-catching statement in any room, adding texture and colour. Many opt for bold feature walls featuring patterned wallpaper designs so they can express themselves creatively without overwhelming their interiors.

Pattern wallpaper should ideally complement the size and scale of the room in which it will be installed. Large patterns work best in small rooms while smaller patterns may work better for larger areas.

Wallpapers featuring open patterns like Serena & Lily’s Grove & Magnolia Stripe Design provide an ideal way to create the illusion of more space in a room. Their light hue helps expand it while simultaneously giving off a cozy and welcoming vibe that keeps spaces feeling cozy.

If open patterns aren’t your cup of tea, consider opting for neutral textured wallpaper designs instead. They make an excellent addition to minimalist interiors and home offices alike and can easily complement most decor styles; select from grey shades that blend well with other decor styles or darker blue to add personality and distinction to any space.

Geometric Patterns

Geometric wallpaper can help foster creativity and inspiration in rooms where both are needed, thanks to its combination of modern designs with vibrant hues. Geometric patterns feature walls that excite all five senses, making a statement in themselves! Geometric wallpaper also adds an air of calm and serenity in bedrooms, relaxation areas, study or powder rooms – perfect!

Rhombuses, lines and waves are typical features in geometric wallpaper patterns that feature labyrinthine designs with squares, hexagons and cubes forming fascinating labyrinth patterns that add interest and intrigue. Circles come in various forms – closed semi-circles three quarter circles dispersed dots – all adding energy and life into any room they adorn.

When using wallpaper with geometric patterns, it’s best to let this be the center of attention without overpowering it with too many elements or patterns. For maximum effect, monochromatic colour schemes may be best.

Simple Stripes

Stripes are an unassumingly simple yet versatile design tool; they’re excellent at setting the color palette, creating visual effects to widen or elongate spaces and adding depth to a room. Furthermore, stripes work well alongside many other designs such as floral or geometric motifs.

Striped wallpaper comes in many widths and shades, so finding one to suit your space can be difficult. Narrow stripes can add subtle sophistication, while wider ones create eye-catching feature walls. Selecting neutral tones will allow your striped wallpaper to blend into different aesthetics seamlessly.

Bringing elegance and sophistication into your home? Look no further than this elegant grey simple stripe wallpaper with its varied shades that add interest while complementing other elements in your decor. Or opt for bolder designs like this crocodile green striped wallpaper to give your room a jungle-themed atmosphere!

Neutral Colours

If you appreciate simplicity, there is a selection of neutral wallpaper designs available that may suit your home decor scheme perfectly. White paint colors, soft beige hues and subtle brown tones all offer beautiful backdrops to make for stunning home interior design schemes.

One of the hottest trends in interior design today is japandi, an eclectic combination of Japanese rustic minimalism with Scandinavian functionality that produces a warm yet stylish decor with natural textures such as bamboo or rattan. Earth-tone neutral wallpaper will complement this style perfectly whether opting for an entire wall mural or simply one feature panel.

Natural hues are currently trending thanks to their versatility and ability to go well with many styles of decor. Textured neutral wallpapers also add visual interest, such as grass cloth or linen options that bring out textures in furniture and accent pieces, providing another focal point in any room. Grass cloth and linen wallpapers may even serve as great bases for other wallpaper patterns if painted upon, becoming focal points themselves!

Cultural Flavour

Integrating elements of your culture into decor can create a welcoming space, which is why adding intricate designer wallpaper can add such cultural flare.

If you love nature-inspired themes, try adding an authentic forest scene by installing realistic woodland wallpaper prints or prints depicting forests. Or if the sea is your passion, opt for blue or green ombre hues such as twilight sky, ocean blue or mink (light clay color).

Alternatively, for something with more of an exotic flair, opt for Chinoiserie style wallpaper – this European trend combines visual elements from Far Eastern culture with visual cues from Europe for an exotic or mysterious atmosphere. Grey wallpaper with subtle patterns is great for home offices and studies; framing this design will give your walls an authentic look while giving them your personal stamp.

Framed Wall Art

If you want something different and vibrant for your space, framed wall art with wallpaper designs could be just what is needed. Add an unexpected pop of color with something unexpected in this creative option!

The wall art in this bathroom wallpaper is simple yet makes an impactful statement about contrast against its intricate pattern. The black frame visually separates it from other parts of the room while providing your eyes a rest from all that patterning.

Bring nature indoors with this botanical print wallpaper! With trailing leaves and flowers in an earthy terracotta pink color scheme, this wall art creates an earthy yet serene environment in any room of the home.

Wood-themed wallpaper for wall surfaces can bring rustic charm into any room, be it kitchens or anywhere else where warmth and texture are desired. Textured wallpaper also makes a fun alternative to tiles for children’s bedrooms as its interactive nature keeps them engaged with what’s going on around them.

Wall Niche

Wall niches can add an elegant touch to any room in the house and provide the perfect place for you to showcase some of your favourite decorative pieces.

Small wall niches make an excellent way to display collections of ceramics or figurines, or larger statement decor items like urns or paintings. Furthermore, small items hung together as galleries make a big statement and inject personality!

For an elegant touch, nature-themed wallpaper can add sophistication to wall niches. There is an abundance of tropical, floral, geological and green options available – each exuding freshness and lush life!

Neutral colors make a good choice for wallpaper in wall niches, as they create the impression of more space. White, light greys and cream are great starting points; for an unexpected twist try choosing darker hues with subtle patterns for contrast in your design scheme.

Wall Surfaces

Wall surfaces in any given room are an integral component that can be highlighted using wallpaper to give it that special something. This approach works especially well in children’s bedrooms where vibrant hues stimulate imagination and creativity.

Hand-block printed designs provide walls with texture and depth while at the same time giving a sense of history without overwhelming them. Wallpaper can help add these qualities and more.

Wrought designs add warmth and depth to a living room. Pair these pieces with textural furnishings and accessories for an eclectic aesthetic that feels carefully curated.

Patterned wallpaper has come and gone in style throughout the 20th century, yet now it has made a dramatic comeback as an elegant alternative to plain painted walls. Patterned wallcoverings add elegance and beauty while remaining easy to keep clean – ideal for busy family homes!